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Make a wish! Your dream will come true!

Wish Flower


EASY to setup ! FUN to grow!

Only three simple steps, watch your crystal tree grow.

1. Dissolve chemical powder in boiling water.

2. Place the magic seed into the solution.

3. Full grow within one day.

Watch wish crystal grow right before your eyes.

Your wish crystal will last for several years if store or display finished work keep away to touch water.

How it works!

1.Just add crystal powder into the boiling water and stir

2.Add the crystal growing tablet into the solution

3.Place the cork lid on the bottle.

4.After 24 hours open the cork. Crystals will begin growth.

5.After 12 – 15 days, pour out remaining


6.Make a wish to the Wish Flower, your dream will come true.

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