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Growing your own crystal creations!

Wish Flower

1.Just add crystal powder into the boiling water and stir

2.Add the crystal growing tablet into the solution

3.Place the cork lid on the bottle.

4.After 24 hours open the cork. Crystals will begin growth.

5.After 12 – 15 days, pour out remaining


6.Make a wish to the Wish Flower, your dream will come true.


Glass bottle

Crystal powder X 1

Crystal growing tabletX1

Stirring stick X 1

Cork lid LED w batteriesX1

Flax ropeX1

Wish card X 1

Instruction manual X 1

Certificate : EN71 part2、3 , REACH, ROHS

Includes everything you need to create a Magical Wish Crystal Flower. Simply add water and watch as the crystals take shape, springing to life within each jar. No mess, no hassel! Each kit contains glass jar, cork with built in LED light, crystals, batteries and 1 of 12 uplifting wish notes. Better yet, the led comes with a LED light (batteries included), it's gorgeous in the dark.


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