We are in the business of innovation !

Caliber based in Taiwan was founded in 1996, focused on the development and manufacturing of innovative products. The major market channel: importers, large chain stores, gift companies, museum gift shops. Major markets: EU, North America, Asia, Japan and Australia…etc, 30 countries in all over the world.

Crystal Hedgehog

Grow you own crystal hedgehog in 24 hours. 

ma1001 Sky blue.png

Crystal Cactus

Watch crystal cactus full grow before your eyes !

magic cactus-ocean green-01.png

Crystal Pufferfish

Watch crystal pufferfish grow before your eyes ! 

puffer fish-orange.png

Crystal Dinosaur

Watch crystal dinosaur full grow before your eyes ! 

Stegosaurs-ocean green.jpg

Wish Crystal

Make a Wish! Your dream will come true!


Magical Crystal

Grow your own crystal creations!